Eustoma’s height different from varieties.  Corolla is funnel shape; it has single and double petal type. The color is plentiful, main colors are red, pink, light purple, purple, white, yellow and edging with different colors.

According different varieties, every stem could have 10~20 flowers, usually have5~10 flowers.

Bolero-Blue-Picotee     Excalibur-Rose-Pink-2     Robella-Yellow     Reina-White     Mashmallow-White     Voyage-White     Voyage-Green     Rosina-Yellow     Robella-Light-Pink     Excalibur-Green     Piccorasa-White     Piccorasa-Blue     New-Lination-Pink-Flash     Robella-Green     Claris-Pink     Carmen-Violet     1389672947687